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What’s NOT in your concentrate is just as important as what is.

Quality in means quality out.

That means only the sustainable cannabis, grown under our supervision from a single source, is used to create Infinite products. Extracted from our no-till, greenhouse-grown craft cannabis, our concentrates are skillfully made to preserve the delicate terpene profiles so that each strain can be enjoyed in it’s entirety. Various methods can bring out different flavors and effects, but each concentrate can be enjoyed knowing that the highest standards are upheld to preserve the integrity of the cannabis it is derived from.

We’re 100% transparent about what is in your concentrate.

Because what’s NOT in your concentrate is just as important as what is. Tests are batch specific, so you know exactly what is and isn’t in your Infinite product.

Preserving terpenes is high on our list of priorities. Check out your concentrate’s terpene profile here.

  • You can trust there are only cannabis derived terpenes in our products. We preserve the full profile from each strain, because that’s what makes cannabis strains unique.
  • Residual solvents on all concentrates are a minimum of 98% lower than regulation requirements, because we think they should be.
  • No PEG in our cartridges, ever.

Terpene: a hydrocarbon; the fragrant oil responsible for individual cannabis strains effects, flavors and aromas.

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